Rock Hot Wings                  $12.50          

  Our Spicy wings are house made   

tender and served with crunchy celery        

and your choice of Blue Cheese or Ranch


Pizza Stixs Sm.$7.75/M.$8.95/Lg$10.95

 Our great Dough baked with olive oil

And served with blended herbs and

Grated parmesan on top. Served with

Ranch or Marinara sauce.


Pizza Toast              $4.25

  Half a french roll, red sauce, mozzarella

and your choice of one topping.

Additional topping $1.00


Plowmans Delight               $11.00

  Like the stixs only with gorgonzola baked on top and served with sweet cherry peppers. Only comes in small size


House salad        Sm. $7.50/Lrg $11.00

 Spring greens, Bacon, Cashews, Parmesan, Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Croutons

Add Gorgonzola $1.00



   Orange chipotle, Raspberry vinaigrette, Garlic balsamic honey mustard, blue cheese, Ranch and Balsamic oil


Garlic Bread                         $1.95

  Half a french roll with homemade garlic butter.


Garlic Cheese Bread                     $2.95

 Like our Garlic bread but with fresh Mozzarella on top and baked


(All served with a side of garlic bread except thai noodles. Gluten Free option available)


Homemade Spaghetti        $10.50

   Topped with our outstanding meat sauce that we simmer to perfection then sprinkled with herbs and parmesan.

Also available with our homemade veggie sauce.

Add meatballs $3.50


Spaghetti and Pesto             $10.50

   Our own Basil Pesto recipe with pine nuts, olive oil, basil, garlic and parmesan.

Add Sundried tomatoes $3.50


Lasagna                             $13.50

    Our own recipe. Served with veggie or meat sauce

Thai Noodles                     $10.50

    Exciting combination of bean sprouts, cashews, water chestnuts, green onions, cilantro and carrots with our own thai peanut sauce.

 Add shrimp, chicken or tofu $3.50


Spaghetti and Alfredo                $10.50

  Our fresh spaghetti tossed in our creamy alfredo sauce served with herbs and parmesan.


Ravioli                                              $11.75

  Ask about choices. Served with alfredo, pesto, veggie sauce or meat sauce.



Spaghetti and white clam sauce            $13.00

 House made clam sauce tossed with spaghetti noodles sprinkled with herbs and parmesan